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TIME person of the year 2006

I don't know what grey is, I never did.

Love seeing Mitch tweet you and retweet you, remember you supporting him from the start it's great to see. I hope that you have a good time in Hungaroring and maybe Mitch can win again :)

Thank you! Another win would be amazing but just hope he has a good weekend :D The Mitch train is definitely gaining momentum!

whos the better new zealander mitch evens or richie stanaway?

I thought it was more than obvious where my loyalties lie? Maybe I am a bit too subtle, but in my eyes it is obviously Mitch.

These two are the main men :)

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six-feet-four said: YIS U HAVE A 1:18 <3

Yesssss, saw it at Silverstone and couldn’t resist. I almost definitely should have been working at the time but it’s so pretty :3 Going to get 1:18 RB9 next, but first Nando mini helmet to complete the trinity.