Hannah / 21 / Manchester Petrol head, graduate, cyclist TIME person of the year 2006 The one that drives a Porsche now, the flying kiwi, the samurai in red & the cake man. var ref = (''+document.referrer+''); document.write('<\/script>');
What do you think about Red Bull favoring Dan over Seb?

That’s cute.

How many times have you met Mitch now? Does he remember you? Such a sweet man hope he makes F1 soon

Every race I have been to since first meeting him many moons ago before he won the GP3 series… so 6? Haha yes he does, he is an amazing guy had a big grin for me even after a bad quali, said he’d seen me with my flag and asked if it’s still raining in Manchester. Cheeky bastard.

asheryve yes he signed the right side this time ;P Almost got it wrong again because he was too busy chatting to me haha, of course he couldn’t get it perfect though so it is upside down.
Oh that Kiwi!

Love seeing Mitch tweet you and retweet you, remember you supporting him from the start it's great to see. I hope that you have a good time in Hungaroring and maybe Mitch can win again :)

Thank you! Another win would be amazing but just hope he has a good weekend :D The Mitch train is definitely gaining momentum!

whos the better new zealander mitch evens or richie stanaway?

I thought it was more than obvious where my loyalties lie? Maybe I am a bit too subtle, but in my eyes it is obviously Mitch.

These two are the main men :)

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