Wow a fangirl that doesn't like Vettel for his face but likes old man Mark instead! How novel. Sad that there are no real racing fans left on here it's just girls who like the way the drivers look.

Wow shit i’m sorry, I didn’t know you knew all about my life. Obv just like Mark for his face who likes cars anyway right too noisy and expensive. Racing? Fuck that, sleep through it all and wake up for my fave part when the race is done and they take their helmets off.
Obviously i’m a girl so I only like F1 because the drivers are hot, silly me thinking I actually liked the sport and the emotions hey. How stupid.

Here’s me when I was younger with my bro, wow is that an F1 car i’m on?! What where my parents thinking letting a GIRL show interest in racing. How silly I better inform them of their mistake.

Thanks for this insightful message oh grey face, I better ring Uni and tell them I don’t want to go into my final year of my University degree specializing in Motorsport pollution and management. Silly me thought I was actually interested in the cars and the mechanics but now I realise it is just da face.
Cheers anon saved me a lot of work can go back to sleep now!



  1. tillyandthewall said: class
  2. corsedelaformula said: p.s: I’m also a girl who used to ride around on a toy F1 car in my backyard. Been in love with the sport since. Woo!
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